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Tue, May. 24th, 2011, 10:32 pm

Got a $100 futureshop gift card im going to let go for $75 is anyone wants it? let me know.

Wed, May. 4th, 2011, 03:13 pm

I got a $100 futurshop gift card for sale. im offering it up for $90 for anyone interested. If no one on my friends list wants it by later tonight its going on the Toronto LJ community.

In other news i am still a gimp. i start Rehab next week. should at least be out of my brace by AN. Though may not have much use of my thumb.

Wed, Jan. 5th, 2011, 11:03 am
2010 Costumes

Guys i need help picking which costume to make for AN this year DX i have it down to 3 i really like, and i want to get started on things soon so I'm not horrible rushed last minute like i always am.

Images under the cutCollapse )
Images under the cutCollapse )

Tue, Aug. 24th, 2010, 11:59 am
Last minute request!

I wasn't sure i was going to be able to make it to fanexblows untill yesterday when i found someone to cover my shift. And as such, i have left it to the last minute to see if anyone on here perhaps have a wig i can use for my random costume. i need medium length brown wig, with a soft curl to it, for this

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I had no clue what else to wear, so Chris suggested i join him in his Daisies escapade.

So, Does anyone have i wig i might be able to use? DX

Tue, Mar. 30th, 2010, 11:05 am
Karaoke and fun times tomorrow

For anyone actually coming out tomorrow night for singing, food, and a few drinks, the following is when and where to meet.

8 pm @ The Fox and the Fiddle pub.

280 Bloor street.

Taking the subway you can get to it by taking the train to St George station. exiting onto Bloor then walking west. its on the north side just a few minutes walk away.

There is pay parking on the street around it and a green P lot behind the building.

http://www.bloorfox.com/uploads/kbook.pdf <~~ Link to Karaoke list.

Let me know if anyone has questions. or if people just wana give me a heads up if they are coming or not. so i have a clue as to who to expect.

Mon, Feb. 22nd, 2010, 10:01 pm
Birthday plans!!

Its over a month away. but thought i would get some feelers so i cant warn our waitress. So my birthday is march 31st, for those who don't know. I have a hockey game before hand from 7:30- 8: 30. But afterwards we are going to be going to the Fox and the Fiddle near Bloor and St. George downtown for Karaoke and beer. Was just curious if anyone on my friends list would want to come? We go there every Wednesday to do the same thing, but this time its my birthday! theres like, over 3000 songs to sing for Karaoke, and really good food and beer.

Let me know if anyones interested!!

PS. I will probably arrange something else to do on the weekend after. still haven't figured that out yet  <3

Sun, Dec. 27th, 2009, 08:27 pm
entering panic attack mode

So i take it from my last post, and the lack of comments. that i only have like, 2 people to help me move... yay.

so if anyone didnt get my last post

even if its just an hour or two of help.. I NEED IT. Moving from North york subway station to Landsdown subway. i REALLY need a few hands ._. i know its a bad time of the year. but i have no one.

Wed, Dec. 23rd, 2009, 11:19 am

So i got my apartment. I will be moving to Bloor and Lansdown. This is a very last minute call for people who can possibly make it out to help me. Im trying to rent a van for the 30th to move all the big furniture. So this is the day i would need the most help. If anyone with a car is free between the 27th and the 31st to possibly help me move a few smaller things over.. that would be very helpful. I know this is crazy last minute, but i just signed the lease today. so i didnt know when my move in daet would be.

Please let me know If you are free to help and on which days. Help packing would be nice too. as i completely fail at that ._.

Fri, Dec. 4th, 2009, 10:26 am
Last Minute

Anyone want to go see Red Cliff Tonight at Yonge and Sheppard at 6:30? I really wana go but have no one to join me >_> Im such a whore for anything related to the Three Kingdoms.

nvm. Gotta go see an apartment at 6:30. Anyone wana go tomorrow at the same time???

Wed, Oct. 21st, 2009, 09:45 pm

Ok, as per every year i do the cosplay 101 panel at youmacon. and every year its a last minute thing getting it together. Last year we managed to put together a powerpoint presentation. but we were lacking photos due to no internet connection. So i come to you, my friends. Im looking for cosplay pictures, preferable, BAD costume. Like a costume where you used bad satin, or didnt iron, or you have a horrible wig. Running shoes, threads hanging everywhere, horrible fabric texture, badly fitted costumes. The works. and on the flip side, a few good pictues and if possible, progress pics of things like props and accessories.

Im asking my friends so that way i have permission to use them. If you want i can photoshop faces out and things like that.

If anyone can send some pictures my way that would be awsome!!

send them to   Lindsay@plumtreedesigns.ca

thanks alot!!


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